Townsville Cleaning Contractors and the environment

We’re committed to understanding and minimising any adverse environmental impacts resulting from our activities.

Find out how we minimise any adverse environmental impacts while continuing to meet client expectations of quality and service.

green cleaning products at Townsville Cleaning Contractors expressing sustainability and the environment

Sustainability at Townsville Cleaning Contractors

Townsville Cleaning Contractors is committed to understanding and minimising any adverse environmental impacts resulting from its activities, while continuing to meet client expectations of quality and service, and providing a safe working environment for employees.

The Company aims to reduce exposure of building occupants and cleaning staff to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants that have the potential to adversely impact air quality or impede employees’ wellbeing. The company’s preferred choice of cleaning products are environmentally friendly chemicals and toilet paper, consistent with the need for quality of service delivery and efficiency in service provision. This includes reducing, reusing and recycling waste generated wherever possible and depositing any glass, plastic, aluminium and steel into the appropriate waste and recycling containers.

It is company policy that all chemicals must be used in accordance with the correct procedures and dilution rates as per the manufacturer’s recommendations noted in the SDS for each product and this will assist to ensure minimal impact on the environment of services conducted during this contract.

Standards that must be adhered to for labelling, handling, storage and disposal of chemical containers are outlined in the company’s Chemical Safety Policy and Procedures Manual. The concentrate storage containers for all of the proposed chemicals for this contract are housed in a dry and secure area within the company’s Townsville depot.

Staff are made aware of their obligations with regard to complying with the company’s environmental management policies and procedures through a combination of the following:

  • Environmental management components are a part of the induction training modules undertaken by all staff,
  • Training in the company’s Chemical Safety Policy and Procedures Manual including a written questionnaire,
  • Training in the company’s Environmental Management Policy.
  • Product dilution and use procedures as per the company’s Cleaning Procedures Manual.
  • Regular staff technical newsletter circulations which have included topics such as “safe handling of chemicals”.

Full details of specific waste avoidance, waste reduction, energy reduction, reuse and recycling measures are outlined in the Environmental Management Policy Manual which is available for inspection by existing and potential clients upon request.

Townsville Cleaning Contractors has registered for the Industry’s peak association (Building Services Contractors Association of Australia) ecoClean system with the aim of reaching the Sustainability level of accreditation by year end.

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