Medical Centre & Dental Clinic Cleaning

Quality controlled hygiene cleans to exceed cleaning standards of medical centres.

We understand the importance of high standard hygiene cleans to ensure a healthy environment for staff and patients. Contact us to discuss our strict, sanitation clean designed to suit your needs and availability. Get your free no obligation quote today.

Medical and Dental Centre Cleaning

We understand what it takes to ensure a medical facility is kept clean and hygienic to a very high standard. Incorporated into our services, we ensure the following standards are adhered to:

  • Surfaces, cleaning materials, high-touch areas all must be disinfected and decontaminated at each and every service.
  • Coloured mop heads are used to ensure cross contamination of areas does not happen. Mop heads are cleaned and sterilised in bleach prior to use and used once per service.
  • Cleaning agents are hospital grade disinfectants. Cleaning solutions are to be made up used for each service and then safely disposed of.
  • Damp wiping with sterile disposable cleaning cloths is to be done as opposed to general dusting.
  • Brooms are never used – only vacuuming with HEPA filtration and mopping with disinfectant are methods that are used to clean all hard floors
  • All toys and high touch, shared items are to be disinfected at each service
  • Ceiling are vents and returns are to be disinfected to reduce air borne contaminants
  • Bodily fluids and contaminated waste are to be treated as hazardous and to be cleaned with appropriate PPE and disposed of in clinical waste bins

We provide a comprehensive range of services to suit your needs.

Office & Commercial Clean

Regular, Periodic & Maintenance Clean

Carpet Clean

Steam Cleaning, Shampoo Cleaning and Pest Control

Glass Cleaning

Internal and external glass cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Get the shine back in your tiles

Builders Clean

Handover your job in pristine condition

Commercial End of Lease

Take the pressure off at handover

Vinyl Strip and Seal

Bring back that sheen to your vinyl flooring


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